We found the course extremely useful and informative. I found myself looking forward to giving birth as an experience more than just a process we have to go through to meet our baby. Which is very exciting. So for all that thank you very very much.


I just wanted to let you know that my wife gave birth to our beautiful boy last week using all the skills you taught us. So glad we managed to do a last minute refresher for about a week before labour set in. Lots of touch massage, script reading and listening to the CD. Just in the nick of time.

The midwives there were just amazing. My wife was just incredible and you would have been very proud of her calm and relaxed manner in which she birthed. I shaped up too, and delivered our baby into the world.

Thank you again for all the amazing experiences you have helped us achieve… I wish the entire world knew about this and had the opportunity to follow it.




I just wanted to say my partner and I really enjoyed your course and we have hugely benefited from it so wanted to express our thanks. You really changed our perception of the whole process and we now have a clear idea of how we want the birth of our son to be and also how best to manage the hospital side of things.

The hypno-birthing techniques were secondary to the detailed information provided on natural birth and what is in the best interest of baby and mother. I used information you provided in the course to then go and do my own research and now feel confident and informed that I am making the right choices for myself and our baby.

So thank you very much I am so glad we found you.


My husband and I attended one of your courses, and later went on to experience the most amazing and calm birth of our daughter. It was everything we had hoped for,peaceful, quiet, a really wonderful, amazing but also humbling experience.

So first a long overdue ‘thankyou’ for your valuable training and for being the strong, and only, positive inspiration I needed that childbirth needn’t be a frightening and painful experience.


My husband and I attended your course this weekend and found it very very valuable and rewarding.

I have already recommended it to a friend!

I was not sure what my expectations were on coming to the class but I was delighted with the detail of the content and the understanding, explanations and knowledge that you provided.

Thank you so much for providing and delivering such a wonderful course. I feel infinitely more chilled today and am really looking forward to meeting our baby and becoming a family.